(#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-10-27

Hey, sorry it took a while for me to answer this, I didn’t see it and then it took a while for me to realise it was me you were after, seeing as this is only a character and not actually me.
I can’t actually find the file with the info on (Jez is actually a character of mine from an original story) so I apologise if I can’t remember everything.
Emerald green, almond shaped eyes. Quite pale skinned, high cheekbones, straight hair dyed red with random yellow (not a natural shade of blonde, proper yellow) streaks through it. Hair is medium length, falls to middle of her back, very choppy layers, giving it a very cut at look. Full fringe that partially covers her eyes. Worn either down or tied back in either a high, messy ponytail, loose, messy bunches/pigtails or in a messy bun. Wears little make up, only black eyeliner-not too much or little-and a bright red lipstick. A little shorter than average height, very underdeveloped-no hips or breast-something she is very self conscious of. Bites her nails a lot so she has really short nails often painted red or a dark blue or purple.
Wears mostly comfy things, not one to get dolled up. Mostly band tees-anything from Queen (who are amazing) to Paramore, Three Days Grace and Black Flag. And lots of different coloured jeans-skinny ones or normal, loose fitting ones. Will sometimes wear a skirt or shorts over tights or leggings, but not often. May wear a dress-a simple black or red one but only if she has to. Wears a silver locket round her neck, tucked into her shirt so you can normally only see a bit of the chain. Inside is a picture of her, her sister and her best friends in a kind of group hug thing. She never takes it off, ever. Wears either spiked or studded bracelets around her wrists. Normally wears converse with different patterned laces.
Has her ears pierced once on the lobes and a rook. Has her tongue pierced. Has a few tattoos. A quite small black music note on her hip, a trail of multicoloured stars going down her spine, “in the heart.” Written in fancy writing on her left wrist and “in the head,” on the other. And written on her foot “scream me a love song” they may seem a little random, but they all have meaning to her. The most important is the last as she has never really thought love existed, always shied away from it. She is deathly terrified of love, yet almost craves it in a way. She longs to feel close to someone, she has never really fit in or felt close to anyone for years. She is too scared of being hurt though so she wants someone to prove to her that it is real and that love is worth heartache.
Erm I don`t know if you need anything else, so I`ll just give you a quick brief, sorry if I’m wasting time.
Likes-animals, music, nature, friends, dancing and reading.
Hates-cruelty, all the isms, people with no self respect, being betrayed, the colour pink and swearing around young kids despite swearing a fair bit herself.
Personality- sarcastic, quite morbid, either very loud or very quiet-never a good sign good when she is quiet. Smart and friendly, but you have to earn her trust and the right to be her friend. She doesn’t forgive easily. She craves adventure that is why she went to the forest. Is a law school dropout as she wanted to get out and see the world and make a difference, to really live before she died. She loves to travel and try to things as well.
sorry if not everything is the same, I tried my best to remember it all. Have fun writing