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(#) midnight_star22 2011-10-30

Part: badass gang member..could she have a romance?

Name: Arabella Accia

Age: whatever you need it to be


general- 5'8, tan skin, curvy, perfect teeth and complexion

hair- long raven hair that is worn mostly straight

eyes- bright green eyes but she wears red colored contacts to scare her enemies

makeup- she only wears red lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner

tattoos- bella vita on the back of her neck, a sleeve like this: , and a tribal star behind her left ear

piercings- industrial in right ear, lip pierced on bottom lip left side, and nose pierced

Clothing: Dresses very feminine: skirts and blouses, high heels, and panty hose. She is the reason why you don't judge a book by its cover!

Personality: She's extremely intelligent and has a good intuition. Her memory can rival an elephants! She's tough and malicious to her enemies and shows no mercy. She's proud of her Italian heritage so if you say anything bad about Italia, you better be running for the hills (not that it'll help cause she'll catch you). She has been known to cut a person and not think twice about it. Once Trixy gets into a fight, she goes into a blind rage and it's all over. But, to her gang, she's extremely loyal and would rather die than give away any information whatsoever. Most people are afraid of her because if you hit her, she'll laugh. If you cut her, she smirks. If you shoot her, you better hope it was a kill shot because she is coming after your ass!

Weapon of choice: Her last name translates to axe in english, so her preferred weapon to torture is an axe. Aside from that, her baby is her Glock 20 10mm automatic.

Family History: Her parents died when she was young, and left her quite a bit of money. She had hated them anyway and considered that their death was the biggest favor they could have done for her. She fell in with the gang when she was 6 and has been involved ever since.

Likes: working out, coffee, drawing, writing, being in the gang, animals, shopping, and getting new tattoos

Dislikes: homophobes, enemies, stupid people, and fake people.

Thanks for considering me! Good luck writing and I can't wait to read it, even if I don't get picked.

Author's response

you're in!! yes you can be an awesome friend (: