Review for Fixing the Un-Fixable

Fixing the Un-Fixable

(#) tortillachip 2011-11-02

There are so many things that I like about this story. I like how you set the mood of the chapter by saying that Gerard was "met with his inappropriately cheery voicemail" and how you showed us that by yelling at Mikey, he had been affected, too. "A vile cocktail of worry, fear and guilt flooded my ugly mind, the snide words that I had yelled at my undeserving, innocent baby brother on a relentless, endless loop in my ringing ears." And that memory about the snowman and wishing he hadn't just ruined their relationship, they were such close siblings. You have great mood-setting abilities. A few more things I like is how you added humor, but it didn't completely change the story. Some people would say that Frank's voice message( which was funny and clever) had completely brightened the mood because Frank is so cute and it would end up being Frerard, though they promised Frikey. It's happened before, and I'm glad you didn't do that. Sorry this is kinda long.

Author's response

Don't apologize - a long review is a good thing! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me what you liked about it; I wasn't too sure about this chapter, but I'm extremely glad that you liked it! This won't turn into Frerard (not that I have anything against that pairing), this shall be/is a Frikey. I put a little humour in this chapter because the next one is shaping up to be pretty heavy. Thank you very much for reviewing, it's nice to know that someone likes what I write. :)