Review for AUDITIONS!!


(#) MemoryWolf 2011-11-04

Name: Wynter oh

Age: 17 (changeable)

Part : badass gang member :)

Looks: long straight black hair, fringe covers right eye slightly, black eyes, skinny, pale skinned, 5'6

Personality: she doesn't like to smile a lot, even when she smiles they're all fake smile(she rarely smiles sincerely) is nice once you get to know me, is really devoted to archery and taekwondo

Weapon : She's an expert in archery , like bow and arrow, she can shoot long range and short range, her beloved bow is named 'Fai' as in faith, she has custom made arrows some attached with bombs some with poison, some starts fire and such. She is also good in taekwondo for close combat.

Background: Her parents loved their work more than her so they are never home, they give her tons of money every week, buys her anything she wants but they never come back to celebrate her birthdays and such, so she's really lonely. She started learning archery and taekwondo since 5, she joined the gang when she was 10 because the gang was like family she felt loved.

Tattoos: she has a cute black with neon green bunny tattoo on her ankle, it's a small one, she got it to see whether her parents would react, but they didn't.

Clothes: black band hoodies or dark blue Windsor hoodie with black skinny jeans, or neon green T-shirt with black jacket and black skinny jeans, black and neon green converse.

Likes: Bass, Archery , taekwondo, chocolate, jelly beans, arts and craft.

Dislikes: Thunder and lightning, spiders.

Anything else: she's half Chinese, hense her name, she speaks Chinese when she's mad. Not alot of jocks or bitches dare to go near her cuz she will beat them up if they do.

Hope I get picked , I think this audition was too Late :0 but oh well :) good luck with the story :)

Author's response

ya'know what this is amazing. your in (:

lina xo