Review for Griffon Reborn

Griffon Reborn

(#) DnG 2011-11-14

I just Read this entire story in less than 5 hours, what an awesome fic! Some questions, hopefully to help kickstart your muse again: How long before Harry and Hermione truly become a couple? And yes, I know what the rating is, its just that Harry needs some reasons to continue that aren't vengeance or prophecy oriented! Will Luna join in as well? After all, Harry is now the head of two houses, and the political power would help to enact changes sooner, rather than later.
What's up with Dumbledore? I am getting the impression that he has some evil intent towards Harry, I mean, in ten years he hasn't done anything to bring Tom down, its almost like he can't think without his little weapon under his thumb. As for Tonks, where is her heart at? If you follow cannon, then she's in love with Remus, but I don't think so, its almost like she had her heart torn out of her chest when Harry disappeared and can't believe he's back. Is she in love with him, or does she just love him like a little brother?
As for Tommy boy, I'd like to see a vaporizing curse or something like that looped back on him, draining and killing all the deatheaters while the dark mark tries to keep him and his body alive, and then with one final, terrifying scream go on to his next great hell! And of course, as its a self inflicted curse, it nullifies/destroys all of his remaining horcruxes, if they are going to be in this story. Personally, I hope not, as I feel that they were just a poor atempt at a plot device to bring the story to an end that JKr definitely went awry after OOTP, i mean, how does Harry and Hermione go from each others heart and soul to madly in love with a fan girl and a jealous git? Both traits are exactly what they hate in people.
As for Fudge and Malfoy, I really can't wait to see how Malfoy takes care of Fudge and then what Voldemort is going to do to Malfoy after he finds out that Malfoy knew where Potter was all along...heh heh heh, evil laugh! Paybacks are a bitch.
What about Frank and Alice Longbottom, can Harry retrieve them from their catatonia as well?
Will Harry help Nevil exact some revenge on Belatrix in the end?
And what about toad face, Umbitch, the saying Vengeance is Mine comes to mind when it comes to dealing with her. A toad makes for a great Hors d'oeuvre on a Mermaid banquet table, doesn't it?