Review for A Crisis.

A Crisis.

(#) AnotherKnifeInMyHand 2011-11-28

Oooh quotes, well if its for your ipod you may want one linked to music in some way.

You've got to make a choice
If the music drowns you out -Sing

You only hear the music when your heart begins to break - Kids from Yesterday

I don't have much of an education
But I got a knack for elimination - Zero Percent
(this ones not very musically but i think its quite a cool one to have engraved )

or you could get the lyrics of Interlude engraved?

idk, do you have a favorite mcr song or one that means most to you cos i would use that.

as for tips on writing, if you decide to take a break from the site, be sure to not make it for too long because trust me its hard to get back into it.

I hope this was helpful.

Author's response

Thanks xX

Where's Zero Percent from? And I know what you mean about the hole break thing, it is really quite diffucult to wright again. I've lost so much of what I spent so long building up and all because I just wasn't bothered. It was the stupidest thing I've ever done.