Review for Auditions: Still Open!

Auditions: Still Open!

(#) CatscanFlyy 2011-11-29

Name and age: Raven Night 17

Part:Whatever you thinks best

Looks (details details):Long dirty blonde wavey hair with no bangs and worn down tucked behind her ears, lightly tanned skin and a few freckles greeny brown eyes wears black lipstick and eyeliner on the bottom of her eyes fairly tall and quite skinny flat chested

Personality:Cut throat and a little mean very sarcastic and dry a bit of a loaner very dark and studies witch craft a good person deep down but doesn't show it the only emotion she ever really shows is bordem

Background:Raised by preppy catholic parents rebbeled as an early teen and went to live with her aount who introduced her to witch craft and medication

Likes:Purple blue and black, quiet, being alone, the dark, gothic music

Dislikes:Bright colours give her a headache and pretty upbeat people annoy her, bad jokes and the heat

Anything else:She dresses mainly in skin tight leather trousers with big goth boots and baggy ripped vest tops and always wears an upsidedown crusafix neclace at all tims, is a vegitarian Welcome back! C: xo