Review for Hospitals


(#) PanicAtTheDiscoLover 2011-12-01

Obsessive-Fangiel here along with PanicAtTheDiscoLover, we both think this was one of the most moving stories we've ever read. I think the only time we smiled when reading this was the bit about Brendon's ADHD because we totally see that happening! Other than that, we cried because of how moving it was. Very great job! :') (happy tears)

Author's response

Thank you so much, I was crying while writing it, because there was this teenage girl there that I met and she had almost the same thing happen to her and she read the story(I wrote it before I met her) and she broke down in tears. Also this is probably one of the best one's I have written so far because I actually took alot of time into this one. It took me 3 hours to write. I would write, cry, write, cry, write, cry, and repeat. Other than that thatnks for the awesome review, I couldn't stop smiling while I was reading:) I probably would've screamed, but everyone's asleep so that wouldn't have been very good. I don't feel like dealing with a very pissed off doctor and about a gajillion other sleeping patients. And I was just wondering should I do more things like this? Because I have alot more stories like this brewing in my head.