Review for Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

(#) tortillachip 2011-12-02

I really like this. It's very well written and its very interesting. It's one of those things that just demands your attention. You've got a way about your writing that makes even the smallest details sound so interesting. I don't know what it is, but there's definitely something fantastic. Anyway, this chapter is very interesting. I like the part where you say his words are like arrows, they seem like they should be dull because of his stutter, but it shows how sharp they really are in the quiet he and Frank were in and how hard it was for Frank to hear them.  I also how Mikey's telling Frank what's wrong, but he's not really telling. Not all of it at least. When you get a chapter In Mikey's point of view his words are so clear and you know exactly what he's feeling and all that stuff, but when he speaks he doesn't get it out so well. I don't know why, but I like that. I also like the last line. It was such a clever way to end it and it was a great twist. All Frank had to do was say "It's okay Mikes. I won't do anything you don't want me to." but he had to say he did. I'm genuinely wondering what's going to happen next. I really like the fact that in almost every chapter you touch on the fact that Mikey wants to go back to being Gerard's younger brother and Gerard being his older brother, and Gerard knows it too, but he's not really trying to work on it. Well, it just seems like he forgot how to act like a brother. I know Gerard himself wasn't in the chapter, but I just wanted to say that. "I smile sympathetically at him; you know it’s bad when you, a kind almost-stranger, are better with a kid than his own big brother." I really like this because it's true. Sure Frank cares about Gerard and all, and it's obvious that Gerard isn't doing so well with his brother, but Frank can't get between them before they have a repeat Mikey locking himself in the bathroom. This chapter was brilliant, much like all the other chapters, but in their own way. There's something unique about each one Well, beautiful job and this is so amazingly well done.

Author's response

Thank you sooo much; I'm very pleased that you liked it and didn't think it boring! I'm relieved that it got your attention and wasn't tediously boring becuase I wasn't too sure about this chapter.
I was kind of going for Mikey chapters to show that he actually has a lot he needs to say, he just can't get it out; so I'm glad that you got that and that it reached into other chapters as I had hoped it would.
Thank you ever so much for taking the time to leave such a nice and helpful review; you've made me smile! :)