Review for From The Cage, A Little Bird

From The Cage, A Little Bird

(#) FicRaven 2006-02-20

To let you know, I'm a friend of FicLegend's. He emailed me to take a look at these stories. Which so far, are horrible.

Oh, and if you owned Sonic, all you'd do would ruin it. My 15 year old sister would hate the series (she currently LOVES the series), so would everybody else. Sonic would be a gay person with Shadow, Amy would have a crush on Cream, and what next? Sonic/Eggman? Multisexual? Like FicLegend said before, you're a sicko.

Did I mention that the series would only get one game, then fail?

Author\'s Response: So... what does this have to do with a fic that has absolutely no romance whatsoever?