Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Richardc269 2011-12-14

Your last chapter was very touching. I am glad you're finally able to finish your story. I really liked it.

Despite the fact that your story would get only between a 1-3 star rating at instead of a 4-5 (mostly due to that most of them don't think SW/HP would be a very good crossover), I really like this story. Also despite that your story is full of used-up cliches that have been used quite often in SW crossovers, my standards for stories are a little lower than the rest of I still liked this story.

Although I still have to say that my absolute favorite HP/SW crossover story is still "HP & And The Dying Embers" (and I really wish that guy had written a sequel to it years ago). I'll say that this story is my second favorite HP/SW story, mostly because most of the other HP/SW crossovers are absolutely horrid to read.

You at least took the time to make this story the best you could, despite it being full of ideas that were already used-up (and more likely than not, were horrible executed in most HP/SW stories). Now you can spend the time to beta your story and fix-it-up! lol. It just needs a few things corrected, and it'd be easier to read, but of course, I think that'd be a better job for someone else who's willing to beta the story (not to mention reliable).

I do hope that eventually, you'll write another good story (but I'm willing to bet that won't be for a good while from now).

Author's response

Thank you, Richardc,

I don’t’ think I’ve ever received so many backhanded complements anywhere. Yes, there are some used up clichés, but my father told me once (waaaaay back in the late Cretaceous), ‘There’s nothing new under the sun. Everything has been done, in at least one form before.’

I thank you for your kudos, however. The last chapter was very difficult to write. I needed to include quite a few characters and at least a brief outline of their lives as a result of Harry’s intervention, and I frequently feel I have forgotten someone. (Le Sigh!)

As for personal favorite HP/SW crossovers, I prefer the and a close second is the ‘Walking a new path’ by Padawan Lynn, and the original ‘Chronicles of the chosen one’ also by Padawan Lynn. Both series tell a story and do so in an unusual manner. There are, IMO, some areas in both series that could stand some improvement, but then, that is what fanfiction is. After all, the Harry Potter series is so filled with cliché’s, one dimensional characters and plotholes, it makes writing fanfiction fun. Those seven books have spawned nearly a half million stores of varying ability around the world.

I am in the process of writing more stories, but will have to wait until I have steady employment before I can begin to post them.