Review for Trying To Escape The Inevitable

Trying To Escape The Inevitable

(#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2011-12-17

this is amazing! i cant see the frerard yet, which i actually like, because who wants to read only stuff where right off the bad its insane frerardness all the time? I love this story, anywayz. So, yeah. I really like the way the characters develop throughout the story, slowly but not too slow, ya kno? anywayz. gees an ass, but he definitely hiding something, right? hes insecure about something.....everything he does is just...idunno. i love the story sooo much. :D UPDATE SOON


Author's response

awww, thank you! Glad you think so (: I'm glad you're liking the fact there isn't much frerard yet- there will be at some point, but i have to give the characters time to develop. Aha, you shall have to wait and see about the lovely Gerard xD And yes, he is a total ass right now!
Thank yoooou! :')
Will do, and thanks for taking the time to review this!

CosmicZombie xo