Review for Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

(#) asialovesrevenge 2011-12-31

AMAZING. I escepcially loved the line saying that Mikey and Frank's tears were like lighter fluid for Gerard, that was beautiful. I love that Mikey and Pete are moving along in their relationship, it's really great and awesome and perfect :D and poor Gee, he needs to get his shit together or Mikey is gonna get hurt real bad :C are you gonna write from Frank's pov in this story or stick with Gerard, Mikey, and Pete? aah, I can't wait for more :D

Author's response

Thank you very much; I'm soooo pleased that you think this chapter went alright!
I'm relieved that you think Mikey and Pete's relationship is moving along alright, I really wasn't at all sure that I was doing that in a halfway decent way; so thanks for reassuring me with that,
Gee deffinitely needs to get his shit together. Quickly.
I'm going to start including Frank's POV in around two chapters time (I've kids got this all planne out), if you think that'd work?
Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :)