Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Teresa 2012-01-02

This was a perfect wrap up! I wish that Harry had lived as long as his wives, but he had a good life with them and the rest of his family. I'm glad that he saw his plans for the Jedi come to fullfillment. I was wondering, did he every appear to Hermione and Luna the way Obi-Wan and Yoda did with Luke? I loved Hermione's threat during April's birth! Mackenzie really seemed to feel for his son-in-law at that moment! Harry was a wise man to take those precautions with his and Hermione's lightsabers! (snicker) The birthing ceremony at the Burrow was nice, and I'm glad that Harry's children had not only Mack and Judith as grandparents, but also Arthur and Molly. I enjoyed seeing Remus's cure, and hope that Snape got the info in Azkaban and shattered his teeth by gnashing them in frustration. As for Dumbles and Vernon, I think they came to well deserved ends, but I was suprised that Dumbles actually was buried at Hogwarts. Why would they want that power mad self seeker anywhere near the place even in death? Hmmm.... I wonder if Voldy's ghost did feel twinges from Harry and Hermione even in Hell. Wouldn't the demons counsider that a lovely bit of extra punishment? I also liked seeing how Harry and Hermione dealt with that would be religious advocate. It doesn't suprise me that he ended up in a nasty scandal later on. Were any of the Dak's relatives among the first goblin students at the Academy? I'm glad that Dudley and Marrissa married and settled down and it was nice that Petunia actually reformed. Tonks and Remus are so cute together! Anyway, thanks for a wonderful story, and may the Force be with you! :)

Author's response

Heya, Teresa.
Killing off Harry was a difficult decision. As I said, there were benefits to either side of the choice.
While I hadn’t gone into that, I’d imagine that when they needed him, he’d be there.
Threats: That’s not the worst I’ve heard. For some reason though, they all seem to center on painful, or even explosive emasculation.
Precautions: If it’s been me, I’d have done the same (Snicker!)
Remus’ cure: That sorta jumped up on me. Since nanites had done what they did to Dumbley, they should be able to help Remus. Glad you liked the way I put it together.
The naming ceremony: I had to include that. Since the wedding had been done by Druidic tradition, there would of necessity be a naming ceremony. And the tree planting came from Family history. In Ireland, when a child is born, a tree is planted, with the spent placenta to nourish it. I understand that there are quite a few places around the world where people still do that.
Snape: Damn! Missed that!
Vernon and Dumbledore. Vernon was a heart attack waiting to happen. It could have been anything that set it off, but I’d imagine his son marrying a ‘freak’ was a guarantee. On a side note, That’s also why I allowed Petunia to redeem herself. (see below)

Dumbledore. While Dumbledore was a sociopath, he was still well-thought-of by many in the wizarding world. Personally, I’d have preferred t encase him in concrete and drop him to the bottom of the Marianas Trench, (which will show up in one of my stories) and while he was buried at Hogwarts, he was buried with the rest. His marker is no better than any of the others there.
Voldy: (Snicker!) If he did, then they would!
Televangelists: I despise Televangelists with a passion. I consider them to be nothing but thieves and charlatans, and such scandals are commonplace. I once read of an old lady in New York, living on cat food in order to send her money to one of them, and I wept. Whenever one asks: “What would Jesus do?” I think of the time he walked into the temple with a bullwhip in his hand.
The goblin students: The Most Honored Dak, could not activate Harry’s lightsaber, so there is no indication that any of his progeny could either. I reckon one in ten magic users, would also be able to touch the force to various degrees, and only one in a thousand humans, is a magic user. With various races it would be different. Harry had over ninety house-elves at the end of this, and only ten or eleven are force users. The goblins may have a larger percentage, or a smaller one.
Dudley and Marissa. They were too cute a couple to just let them go.
Petunia: She actually started her own reformation, much like Dudley did when she agreed to attend the bonding. I may be a sexist, but I saw her jealousy as the initiating force behind Harry’s canon abuse, and Vernon’s temper, general bigotry and fear of the unknown as the rest. Since she attended the bonding and didn’t’ immediately explode, it was a safe bet she could adapt. By having her attend a magical ceremony, I took a step I couldn’t retrace. Unintentional or not, it became her first step to becoming a decent person once more.

Tonks and Remus: That was decided in canon before I got involved, but I agree.
You are quite welcome, and it was (mostly) a pleasure to write…and may the force be with you as well.