Review for ~Auditions~


(#) BJAisgod 2012-01-02

Name- Rose Ashbury.
Gender- female.
Age (killjoys are 20ish in this fic)- 19
Killjoy Name- Toxic Pistol.
Sexuality- bisexual.
Part- (leave two)
Kobra Kid's love interest.
Some other killjoys.
Appearance- long, straight, chestnut brown hair and a side fringe. Large, light grey eyes always outlined with red eyeliner, and small nose and really pink lips. About 5'6"ish.
.Clothes (Killjoy and Normal)-
killjoy-tight dark blue leather trousers and matching leather boots, a plain red t-shirt and a stripy yellow and dark blue leather jacket adorned with loads of badges all over it.
normal-generally skinny jeans, normally black or a ridiculous colour, with a band t shirt (generally something heavy metal) and hoodies or blazers and Converse or Doc Martens.
Personality- kind of quiet and shy and uneasy around new people, but really opens up to people when she gets to know them. She gets to easily attached to people but doubts their trust so is very cautious around new people. She laughs at virtually everything and is a creature of habit, not reacting well to change. She'll except anyone, no matter what and is very forgiving and patient, but she can get very, very angry.
Likes- animals, particularly cats, chocolate, iced tea, rain, long talks, loud metal music and alone time
Dislikes- big crowds, homophobics, meat, alcohol, bright sunlight and the dark.
Family- both her parents and her brother are dead and her sister works for BL/I
Back Story- she was captured and trapped by BL/I about 1 1/2 years ago. Ever since she'd been plotting her way out. They killed her brother and parents and brainwashed her sister so she was alone and successfully escaped, wondering the desert on a stolen motorbike, avoiding dracs and looking for other killjoys.
Anything Else- she's a vegatarian and has bipolar.