Review for Birdcage


(#) PartyPoison 2012-01-02

First off, when I read the line ‘jazz things up a little’ in your reply I suddenly got an image of Gerard Way doing jazz hands. Just thought you should know.
Well I am looking forward to the third and last part of this trilogy. It’s overly amazing right now and I have a feeling it will become even better with the next chapter.
A happy ending? From you? I don’t think those words should be in the same sentence. It very rarely happens. (If ever)
I have no idea how you should end it, but I believe that you will have an epiphany sometime soon and amaze us all with a wonderful yet surprising end. As per the usual.
Also, just so you know I am in an overly joyful mood right now and it’s kind of freaking me out so sorry if my reviews seem a little weird today.