Review for Hero


(#) Abicus 2012-01-06

I literally had a fangirl moment when I saw the update. No jokes. But ahem, ILOVETHISSOMUCHIWANNAMARRYIT. But I don't know if that's legal here, so whatever. I can be engaged, right?
ANYWAY. This story isn't moving slow, because lots of different things happen in each chapter, rather then them all being like, 'Gerard is so gorgeous, I wanna make love to him' it actually has a storyline of a sort.
Im not sure about a chapter of Gerard's POV, because it just seems right for Frank to have the last one, because we've followed him the whole way through. And I just think changing the POV like that is kind of, no offence guys, annoying? maybe, like, I'd wanna know Franks final say on it rather then change the POV randomly. If you get what I'm on about. Which you probably don't... x)
I can't wait to see what happens next because it's gonna be so funny with Frank and Gerard working together, and we might find out more about Gerard, and we're gonna find out his power!! :D I hope, anyway xP

Another rant over with xP Good luck with your exams, don't worry about slow updating, just focus on them for now x ^.^ Byebye!!