Review for You can runaway with me, anytime you want.

You can runaway with me, anytime you want.

(#) monstrice901 2012-01-15

At last - an update! Sorry, I really like this story, so it irks me when you leave it alone XD.

Great chapter - I feel so sorry for Frank though, hell, for both of them! Frank's obviously messed up, and Gerard's stuck between a rock and a hard place. And I suppose he can't go back to Lindsey without Frank going back to square one, which he obviously won't want. In fact, I'd like to see a chapter from his POV, maybe, please?

Either way, update soon please. I can't wait!


Author's response

Ahaha :L I have to be pestered into it really >.<

Aww thanks ^^

Sure! c: I will do, if I forget and don't, just tell me off :L

I have already started writing the next chapter, which starts as Gerard's POV. :3