Review for Back in the day...

Back in the day...

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2012-01-19

Can't believe you thought it was short... Shakes head. Oh. And confused carrots control conning conmen named Connor. I think that's the most cons I could fit in a sentence. I wrote one down but got shoes off to bed where I am now updating from my phone!
Lyrics... No fucking ideA
Jared Leto... I purchased my first 30STM record around an hour ago so I k ow nothing... Jared Letos from 30STM, yea? And I actuall bought it thinking of you... So yea. Of that made no sense then I was thinking of the wrong author and I apologize for my brain-it died because this story is so FUCKING AMAZING and is now over 100,000 words! FTW that's amazing!

Author's response

I know! It took me like an hour to write and as I'm usually a really slow typer, I assumed that it was only gonna be like a thousand words! And the 'con' thing is pretty good... not sure how it'd fit into the story but if I can make it - it will!

Yeah - it kinda makes sense that you thought of me if you were looking at 30STM - I am continually rabbiting on about them, 'cos they're my all time fave band! And yes - Jared Leto is the singer/guitarist from it! And I love him.... >goes off into a day dream about his body< Sorry.. got distracted there!

Lol. Anyway - I'm not sure whether to be pleased or apologise for fucking up your brain but glad you like the story - and I can't believe that its over 100 thousand words either! And I'm the one who wrote the damn thing!