Review for Hai you guise:3 Audition time? Audition time.

Hai you guise:3 Audition time? Audition time.

(#) bloodbunny15 2012-01-22

Part you want: your best friend or the person everyone picks on i don't mind

Name(full): Rosa leanne Biersack

Nickname(s): Rosie, megabitch

Age(15-17): 16

Height: 5'6

Weight: 115 lbs (ish)

Skin tone: paleish

Eye color: hazel

Eye shape: oval

Hair color: brown with purple streaks

Hair style: straight, shoulder length

Tattoos/piercings: a lip ring and the lyrics "we are the inbetween" tattooed on her left wrist (naughty (:)

Face shape: heart

Lip shape: thin pale

Makeup: eyeliner

Nose shape: button

Freckles/Scars/etc: a scar on her left thigh after a fight

Sexual orientation: bi-curious

Family: brother (andy, 20)

Allergies: none

Health problems: mild anxiety issues

Phobias/fears: being alone

Likes: music, singing, playing guitar, comics (BATMAN!!!!) and drawing

Dislikes: any kind of hypocrite, people who stereotype and politics

Personality: at first is quiet and shy but when you get to know her she's rebelious and bubbly but it can get annoying at times but she is kind and helpful to others when needed but at times when needed she can be an utter bitch aswell

Bad habits: smokes, doodles on everything

Usual clothing: black skinny jeans, band tees (black veil brides, green day, fall out boy and bowling for soup mainly), converses or vans and band hoodies (same as tees)

Boyfriend/girlfriend(you can make one or choose one from MCR or Panic or you can be single): Gerard way please

Do you have a phone?: yes

Phone type: iphone 4s

Ringtone: currently macy's day parade by green day but it does change alot

Favorite movie: the nightmare before christmas or the hangover

Relationships with a celebrity?(Brother/Sister/Cousin/etc.): Andy biersack (brother)

How do you handle stressful situations?: can easily adjust but it is dependent on the situation

How emotional are you?: quite

Favorite song: changes alot but currently coffin by black veil brides

Things you dislike about your body: legs (too fat)

Stuff they do to pass time: doodle or write song lyrics

Stuff they do when no one's around: dancing and singing along to queen and showtunes

Favorite holiday: hollywood, california with her brother

Favorite color: black, red and purple

Something bad that happened in your life: best friend (sam) commited suicide 3 years ago

How we met: i was new to town and you showed me around and since then we became friends

How close are we: quite close

anything else: i'm in a band (vocalist) black angels

hope you like it :)
and happy writing