Review for Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

(#) Tierney6661 2012-02-01

Appearance: I have long dark blond hair, that I usually wear down or in a messy bun, its straight naturally and my bangs are long and I like to dye the back bottom layer different colours, grey-blue eyes (My friends like to say steel blue) , I am 5' 1 1/2", kind of tan all year round, but creamy white skin. I usually chill in band tees and skinny jeans(dark blue or black) with a pair of painted on Toms or converse and I really don't leave the house without my Ray Ban Wayfarers. My go to hoodie is my Harley Davidson one, and it's pretty beat up... I have a D cup and am 113 lbs. My teeth are perfectly straight and white, thank god, haha. And I have been told my smile is cute. I don't wear a lot of make up, usually just some eyeliner or mascara unless I'm going out or something. I have two cartilage piercings at the top of ear each, two at the lobe, a tragus on the left ear and an industrial on the right. I also have a Monroe on the left side. For tattoos: I have a “MADE IN CHINA” tattoo on the bottom of my right foot and a barcode on the bottom of the left and part of psalm 23 around my right ankle. Also, Recently, I got “Carry the Fire on the inside of my left wrist.

Personality: I’m crazy once I get to know you, but I’ll always be there for you. I'm tough, but I love to have a guy hold me or hug me, and I'm a bit outspoken. I usually let you know what I think even if it's not what you want to hear at the time. I tend to speak w/o thinking. I'm not used to having family, so I'm not clingy, but I'm very friendly, if you don’t act like a moron/jerk the first time I met you. I'm usually pretty laid back, but when I need to be, I'm serious and I love my friends and what little family I get to call my own. I also am into riding motorcycles :) and I work as a mechanic part time as I am studying to become a Nurse. I let my conscious lay heavily on my decisions, so I tend to be impulsive and I like to believe in the good in people, but I usually get screwed over with that, so I've learned quite a few lessons in life.

Music Taste: I'm not super picky, I'll listen to anything from K-Pop to Dubstep or Daft Punk to Wiz Khalifa and Katy Perry to Closure In Moscow and the Graduate to Avenged Sevenfold or Metallica. I just CAN'T STAND country. Sorry if you like it, I don't mean to insult you. Personal choice.

What you normally wear: Uhm, I included this in 'Appearance'... It's centralized for you viewing pleasure? :D I hope...

If you were to go to a formal event (like a mo fo Yule Ball) what would you wear: I hate long dresses, so Probably an upscale cocktail dress with stilettos and a lose up-do, minimal jewelry and make up.

Opinion on Lord of the (mother fucking) Rings? ---- make or break question: IDK, man. Seeing as I'm about the height of a hobbit, lol, I would invite myself along to be Frodo's kick ass sidekick and I would practically molest Boromir, even if he was sneaky, he had MANY redeeming qualities.... JUST. SAYING. I wanted to cry when he died. But, if you couldn't tell, I'm all for the series. Tolkien is a master.

How would you classify yourself: Uhm, a sexual. LOL, I really hope you got that, if not: Google JennaMarbles! But, I'm really independent and I like helping people, so generous? Maybe even a social butterfly? I'm really social. Haha, well, thanks for reading this and I hope I get a part!! Happy writing!