Review for Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

(#) Love_it_or_leave_it 2012-02-02


Name: Jessalyn Carter

Part: Hacker plz!! :D

Age (any age is fine. Preferably 15+): Whatever fits

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Bi

GF or bf?: Either, I don't mind

Appearance: long dead straight dirty blonde hair with green streaks, bright blue eyes, tallish, few tattoos, lip pierced,

Personality: loud, smart, outgoing, relaxed, always in good humour, happy, dirty minded sometimes

Music taste: Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Disturbed, Black Veil Brides

What you normally wear: skinny jeans (normally coloured but whatever fits), singlet/tank top or t-shirt, trench coat or leather jacket, combat boots or connies, fingerless gloves, funky head band of some kind

If you were to go to a formal event (like a mo fo Yule Ball) what would you wear?,r:18,s:36
but white part is black

Opinion on Lord of the (mother fucking) Rings? ---- make or break question---- one of the best series every filmed and written. A mother freaking win in my books

How would you classify yourself?: nerdy and/ or geeky. Loves her computer and iPhone if that helps

Thanks so much and have fun writting!!
xo Jay