Review for Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

(#) BoomBoomJude 2012-02-03



Jude Quinn (again XD)


Crime Fighta

Age (any age is fine. Preferably 15+);

17 and a half

Gender; Male

Sexual orientation; HE'S GAY. VERY GAY.

GF or bf?; BF, man. Always a BF.


My hair isn't that long anymo. It's pretty short, black with purple spikes. I got a pimple on my chin too. -_-

Personality;I'm a laid-back, very casual guy. Accepts most everybody but assholes. I do not deal with said assholes. I take no shit, but will do anything for friends and family. Not sensitive, but has empathy for others. I likes to gossip about people I don't like, but I don't spread rumours. I usually say things that make people laugh (yaaay). I'm quite random, the word is overused yada yada. i.e. today I told everybody that "my ass hurts because a ghost assfucks me in my sleep" :I

Music taste; Foster The People, Simon and Garfunkel, Avenged Sevenfold, The Beatles, The Used, Woe Is Me, Metallica, Set It Off, GunsNRoses, RHCP, etc.

What you normally wear; Skinny blue jeans (dark and ripped), the CHEM jacket (MCR website if you dunno what it looks like), blue Converse with writing, Old Navy shirts, band tees (mostly old ones like The Who or Nirvana), and I'v got this necklace from California. It's kinda like really thick vanilla coloured string with a blue serpent. AND I always wear white socks. Not purple, not blue, BUT WHITEEEEE. WHITE.

If you were to go to a formal event (like a mo fo Yule Ball) what would you wear?;

(whatever the hell Mikey is wearing, that's it. Minus the glasses.)

Opinion on Lord of the (mother fucking) Rings? ---- make or break question----;

I LIKE LEGOLAS THE BEST. But it's fucking awesome, both the books and the movies.

How would you classify yourself?;

A fuckin' crazy guy who makes people laugh with random outbursts. Pretty weird in general.

I like your other story btw. :) I was checking for an update on it and found this! HAVE FUN BRO.