Review for Planetary Go!

Planetary Go!

(#) XxPerfectTomorrowxX 2012-02-06

Cliffhanger? Harsh! Very, very harsh.
I want to know what happened!
Is Dr. Clark okay?
Still curious as to why she helped?
Was the explosion not supposed to happen?
Eh, I'm slightly confused but I love it!
Also... I really just want to throw out that you do amazingly with detail. It makes the story incredibly vivid.

Author's response

I'm sorry. =/ I so rarely do them though! Unlike SOME people who will just stab Frank Iero and leave him dying on the sidewalk at the end of a chapter... Not that I'm thinking of anyone in particular... =P

I'm glad you're confused, because that means I'm doing something right! Yay! These questions will be answered soon. Hopefully I can keep the ball rolling with this one.

Thank you SO much! Your reviews mean so much to me. I'm sitting at my computer going "Aw shucks!"