Review for Love You To Death (Frikey)

Love You To Death (Frikey)

(#) GallonsOfBlood 2012-02-07

Us English are allowed to diss our own country xD In fact, there's barely a single thing we actually like about our country, as I'm sure you know (fish and chips and Doctor Who aside) and the weather is a nice topic for complaining xD

But I love the idea and can't wait to read more!

Author's response

I`m glad you like the story so far, thanks for reading. Yeah, us English can diss it. Doctor Who is amazing, as I`m sure you know. I don`t eat fish or meat but I did used to love fish and chips when I did. I still get the chips and just put a veggie burger with it! the weather sucks, everyone complains about it. I`m now trying to think of other good things about it…erm…I may be here a while. I suppose I like the wildlife, but I`m kinda a bit of an animal loving freak. Erm the history is pretty interesting, kinda bloody but interesting. I`m a bit of a nerd as you can probably tell. Sorry for this incredibly long, rambling reply. I`ll try to update soon, hopefully tomorrow.
I love your username thingy by the way. :)