Review for Stargate: Thirdspace

Stargate: Thirdspace

(#) Blauri 2006-10-22


I stumbled upon your story and after reading the two chapters you have posted I'm waiting for more. This story has lots of potential and there are not too many good SG-1 crossovers out there. It is my honest wish you continue writing this story. If the terran ships are going to B5 universe and survive the journey (especially the cityship), they have the possibility to greatly influence the happenings, no matter what is going on.

Please, don't abandon this story.

Author's response


Thanks for the review of this story. There is more of this story in the pipeline, you need not worry about it being abandoned. More of it will come soon I am already about a third of the way through the next chapter.

I hope you continue to enjoy this story.