Review for Not a Story-but help? *SORRY, ABOUT HAIRSTYLES XD*

Not a Story-but help? *SORRY, ABOUT HAIRSTYLES XD*

(#) Tierney6661 2012-02-11

As for advice: I'm going to try to help you, but I have never seen you, your face shape, skin tone, hair color, style, current cut, or how it naturally looks. Please keep that in mind when I'm talking here.

All of these styles will have a generally large amount of up-keep. The really short layers might stick straight out if you don't have good product that you fix them with. Which means, constant touch ups through out the day and if you don't use the right straightening techniques, they could do that as well. The long layers, will grow quicker and cause frizz or an unwanted mullet-type look. Which means you need to have trims periodically.

I suggest, if you do straighten them, to get a ceramic 1-1 1/2 in sized straightener that gets pretty hot. Blow drying could cause A LOT of volume/frizz, and the short layers, when they grow out a bit, will look frizzy. If you spend a lot of time on your appearance each day, all of these should be fine, though.

The fourth is risky because the part could make one half of your hair very flat and one side very full. Also, you will need a paste or gel to tame the layers into looking how you want them to each day.

The third, from what I can see, is a tapered bob. I happen to love this style, but unless you have a very petite face, your chancing this. Also, the longer layers will grow out, make sure you get routine trims with this. It's really key to trim all hair, btw. It helps it stay healthy and encourages growth.

Anyways, the second is what really runs the risk of layering going awry. If you don't use a moose or paste or gel, this cut runs a big risk of funny looking hair. The bangs are cut right above the eye, they'll grow over it relatively quickly, again, trims are key here.

The first I'd probably say is your best bet. Although I can't see the top, which is a vital part of the cut and style, I think this look is safest and has the least amount of work to keep it up. The bangs are long enough so if you decide you want to grow out your hair it won't be terribly out of place with the rest of your hair and the layers on the top are long enough that you won't need a product after a while, they will grow out a bit and start to find a certain way to lay with the rest of your hair.

Now, as for color: PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE, have this professionally done. Dying your hair at home is so bad for it and you can mess up very easily. I don't think I can stress the importance of having your color done professionally. Plus, the cosmetician helping you will know how to match the color to your skin tone so you don't have to guess and look like an amateur, she or he has gone to school for this. Please let them help you.