Review for Hospice Isn't Such a Relaxing Getaway After All

Hospice Isn't Such a Relaxing Getaway After All

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-02-15

Even though nothing really went on in this chapter, I still found it kinda interesting. Ooh, leaving her keys somewhere? That's gonna open up a whole new world full of opportunities to interact with the guys. XD

Again, there were a few grammatical mistakes that I found, mainly to do with punctuation. Maybe that's just because I'm a punctuation nazi when it comes to read fanfics, I dunno. But still, it didn't affect the chapter too much. If it's something you're really worrie about though, maybe you should get someone to read through the chapter and edit it before you post it. I think I mentioned that in my other review. Anyway, I cant wait to find out what goes on next! :D

- Mezza

Author's response

Yeah, I know lol. I swear, this story is going somewhere! Lol I'm glad you found it interesting!
Maybe you'd like to do it? I'd appreciate that very much :)
Thanks for reviewing again!