(#) bloodbunny15 2012-02-28

Name: Rosie Walton

Age: 16

Appearance: 5'5, pale-ish complexion, skinny-ish, brown hair with purple streaks (shoulder length and straight), small nose, thin pale lips

Clothes: black veil brides and green day merch preferably (hoodies, tees, bracelets etc.), skinny jeans, vans or converses, studded belts

Eye colour: hazel (slightly lighter than ryan ross's eye colour)

Personality: very shy at first but when you get to know her she is a bubbly, rebelious badass who likes to have fun and do anything to bend the rules, but she seems like a goody two shoes at first but she will bite your head off if you get on the wrong side of her

things you like: music, playing guitar, singing, drawing, graffiti artwork, hanging with friends

things you don't like: authority, assholes, fakes, parents, pizza (yey shocker)

what genre do you want? high school romance/comedy thingy

What do you want the story to be about? Rosie is the new student from england and gets sent to bellevile for her bad rebelious behaviour to live with her strict catholic aunt (nina, 44), uncle (micheal, 46) and cousins (mina, 14, sarah, 17 and danni, 16) danni and rosie become good friends and he introduces her to his friendship group at school, and at truth or dare things get "funky" between gerard and rosie (you can make it up from there that's all i got, but make the dares more random than the last and make them weird)

Are they MCR people in band or no band, like normal people? normal high school students

people you want to involve and relationships (siblings , love , crush , etc.)( preferably not from other bands, I'm very clueless in other band other than MCR, possibly Panic! >.> ) crush on gerard

hope you like it :)