(#) vampiresdontglitter 2012-02-28

For a prompt, maybe you could write a Bob/Frank story? I don't know if you write slash or not, but Frank/Bob make really good stories! Maybe make it a happy one, but ends up sad instead of the other way around. Even Bob/Ray stories are good :)

Name: Gia Foster

Age: 19.

Appearance: blackcherry hair down to ribs with swide swept bangs. 5'5, tan skin. slender frame. Lip ring. Half Italian/half Mexican. Wears contacts.

Clothes: Pin up girl style, but not so much wearing dresses.

Eye colour: dark chocolate brown, almost black.

Personality: Outgoing, friendly, enthusiastic, caring, animated, talks with her hands. Introverted at times. Can be a little nosy.

things you like: animals, parties, traveling, rock and techno music, apples, coffee, gum > addicted to all three. Rain. Concerts. Drawing. Photography.

things you don't like: rude people, messy or sticky things, cold weather, bugs, fake people.

what genre do you want?: humor.

What do you want the story to be about? : Gia is the photographer for Warped Tour '05 and she attempts to take pictures of Bob but he threatens to sue her or something, but they end up going out on a date

Are they MCR people in band or no band, like normal people? : in the band, during Revenge era.

people you want to involve and relationships : Bob, Mikey, and Ray.