Review for Top Ten Signs That You're a Fundamentalist Christian

Top Ten Signs That You're a Fundamentalist Christian

(#) Shiwoggi 2012-02-28

11 - You hate all homosexuals, bisexual, pansexuals, transexuals and tranvestites, calling them "unholy filth", yet still claim your God loves everyone

Also, you just described my parents. Try being bi in that enviroment. It sucks. Catholics.

Religion makes me want to be sick. It's just a bunch of stuck up tossers believing in some completely unproved "divine force" that they defend with thier lives.

That and the fact my parents are convinced that I can be "healed" as if I'm fucking sick or something - which I'm not. You and take your fucking good-for-nothing prayers and pray for something worthwhile, if you want to believe in that rubbish.

Sorry about that. But I totally agree, Christainity has become more and more intolerant of everything, and is still on thier high horse claiming to love everything. Which they don't - they only love the idea of certain things; which doesn't involve listening to "devil's music" like Avenged Sevenfold or Bullet For My Valentine, wearing too much black or liking girls as well as guys.

Can someone tell these people that they're the ones that need help, thankyouverymuch? Fuck's sake...

Author's response

I hear you.