Review for Before I post a fic, I would like to get aquainted with the lovely people of "Ficwad"

Before I post a fic, I would like to get aquainted with the lovely people of "Ficwad"

(#) missfunghoul57 2012-03-02

Name: Eva Beck

Gender: female


Looks: Dark Brown, and slightly curly hair that falls down to about the center of her chest. Brown eyes. Although she is too modest to admit it, her beauty is alluring. Her complexion is very clear, and she has pale skin. She is very slim, and not that tall.


Personality:Can come across as shy at first, but after a while you will find that she is extremely colorful, and very funny! Along with that side of her, she is creative, caring, outgoing, and an amazing shoulder to cry on. She isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in, and is a passionate person. Although she can get emotional, it takes a lot to get her upset.

Favorite member of MCR: Gerard, or Frankie, or even Mikey......

What the fuck kind of a story do you want me to write?: In the midst of World War 2, Eva Beck, a southern belle, works as a front line nurse in one of the bussiest hospitals on the battle field. Although she's worked on hundreds of patients, and almost all of them had taken a fancy to her, there is one in particular that she finds herself falling a little harder for. When the wounded soldier first arrives at the hospital, he is barely recognized as one of the Nation's most prominent general. Through out his healing process, the two fall in love and eventually go back to the General's home in Alabama together. Eva finds herself challenged to live up to his family's standards and struggles with the fact that they are soooo in love, even if his family doesn't approve? Will there be a saving grace for these War time lovers??

Looking forward to reading some of your writing!!!