Review for ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

(#) velocity_storm 2012-03-06

Part: bobs girlfriend :)
Name: breeze bakewell-simmons
Age(bare in mind, you're seniors):18? You can edit if necessary
Personality:shy and quiet, loving, sticks up for her friends but shys away from conflict.
Hair: long blue hair with a bright green streak. Full bangs.
eyes:almond shaped moss green eyes
height: 5'0 (I know, I'm a midget, don't judge xD)
build: too thin. I don't eat olot, as I think I'm fat.
skin tone:slightly pale, with a slight tan. Freckles on my face.
Face:slighlty upturned nose (like gerard's) oval face shape and think eyebrows.
Family (who you live with):no one, my mom works in another state, so I get lots of money to look after myself.
Likes:coffee! Beer, cigarettes, rockmusic (black flag, the misfits, Green day) and books.
Dislikes:twats. Bullies, violence. Tea.
Talents?:singing, dancing (when drunk, kind of like a hoe xD don't judge, its true)
Clothes:over size hoodie, green tartan skinny jeans and band t shirts.
Anything else: I'm from england but moved to america for my moms work :)

I look forward to reading this story so much, it sounds really good :3

Velocity xo