Review for Triwizard Redux

Triwizard Redux

(#) brad 2006-10-24

Maybe it was the break between chapters, but I felt disconnected from the import of the scene at the beginning of this chapter. Remus almost sobbing, Hermione crying, over the news that Harry has to fight Tom ... that's the sort of stuff I usually live for, but I was a bit detached this time. Maybe because of the break right at the climax, maybe because Harry is so confident and powerful, knowing all the answers, so I don't believe there's any chance that he might lose.

The bit where Harry starts to release Hermione from her promise was both noble and satisfying to read.

You're right - in what you said to my last review - that Dumbledore has never seemed apologetic for leaving Harry with the Dursleys. I'll have to re-read his speech to the Dursleys as the left Privet Drive at the beginning of HBP, but it seemed more of a show for him, a chance to be patronising, than anything else. Mind you, I didn't think much of Dumbledore in HBP; I'm with your Harry on that score!

Good demise of Skeeter!! And Hermione did it!? Excellent example of how she grew up hardened from the war. Have I ever seen such a 'hardened' Hermione (et al) in your stories? Mostly they're about the kids at school age. 'Amsterdam' is post-Riddle, but only Harry and Lavender.

I liked the Luna bit at the end, although if I were her I'd be asking "JUST WHY do you trust me like that, Harry, we don't know each other at all?!!". Still, when I read of the 'shaken and thrilled' Luna, for a moment I thought that this was your harem story.

Author's response

Hermione held Skeeter's irresponsible reporting responsible for Ron's death, and Hermione is always vengeful when crossed. As for Luna, she could feel Harry's trustworthiness, and will expect an explanation when one is possible.