Review for Demolition Lovers

Demolition Lovers

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2012-03-15

Aww T^T
Well, I'm glad you get to go to your concert xD
Lol... ~I has read le smut!~
Hm.... I liked the random self cameo... Spellcheck keeps telling me it's canoe not cameo... So...
Hm.... There didn't seem to be any glaring mistakes.
And Nightshade... I've looked at the back quite a few times and everyone my response is "Well if that doesn't look like a shit summary I don't know what is"
And um, excuse my idiocy, but is being a seventh grader ba--oh. I got it. LOL. I remember 7th grade... (shivers)
And I got the reference, you can keep JB, Voldemort and fuzzy handcuffs... Actually, can I have the handcuffs ;)

Author's response

You know, I think I like you. Stick with me, kid. We'll raise hell.

Anyway, thanks for being honest!

And the handcuffs? Take 'em. I have seven pairs. Ask Nate, he knows...

- Ben