Review for Stay Together

Stay Together

(#) DisenchatedDestroya 2012-03-20

Fantastic chapter, I thi k it's my favourite so far! I really liked how understanding and caring Frank was, I thought that worked very well with how shy Mikey is in this story. I feel really sorry for Mikey and interested as to what's going to happen to him, which shows how great this story is. I'm really excited to see what Gerard's going to do and how he'll react to seeing his little brother all beaten up.

Awesome chapter and words cannot describe how much I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Great job! :D

Author's response

Wow. Thank you soooo much. I love hearing that from because you're one of my favourite writers here. To be honest I wasn't too happy with this chapter but I'm delighted you like it. I did want this chapter to convey Frank's concern and how much he cares so I'm glad it came through. I really am delighte you like it. I'm smiling like an idiot now! I should have the next chapter up soon! Thank you!!!!!!