Review for Auditions


(#) unicorn 2012-03-24

Name: Darkness Skye Perez
Part: In Natalia's band ><
Age: (18+)
Instrument: guitar
Appearance is split for detail
Hair: Scene-cut dyed black and electric blue on the tips

Eyes: stormy Gray

Skin tone: deathly pale

Clothes/jewelry/shoes: Clothes like Marshall Lee (BTW:Marshall Lee is froma Adventure Time.)

Tattoos/piercings: snake bites, and tattoos like Ryan Ross (Mad as a Hatter on her left wrist and Thin as a Dime on her right wrist)

Anything else involving appearance: A scar going verically through her left eye she got from a car accident (more in background)

Personality: Shy and quiet but dosent show much emotion. She is kind, but dosent trust people too much unless she knows them well.

Backstory: when she was little she and her parents got into a car accident. She was the only one who survived. She then went into her aunt and uncle's care, but her aunt blamed the accident on her and her uncle is an abusive alcoholic. She lived like that until she actually started believing what they said. She resorted to cutting and is why she always wears long sleeves or baggy long sleeved jackets. Her uncle died of alcohol poisoning but her aunt still insults her and blames her for the death of her parents AND her uncle.

Anything else: She found out about the band when she w a poster at the store saying "Band forming: Drumme and guitarist needed" so she applied because she knew how to play the guitar and needed to get away from her aunt. She got in and tries keeping her two secrets (the cutting and her aunt) away from her bandmates.

Thanks for considering :D