Review for Auditions


(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2012-03-24

Name: Apollonia Corleone

Part: someone in bandit's band c:

Age: (18+) 21

Gender: Female

Instrument: Lead guitar

Appearance is split for detail


Eyes: Big and mangaish, sapphire blue

Skin tone: very pale


Tattoos/piercings: Nose ring on right nostril, lip ring, eyebrow, monroe, 9 in one ear, 3 in the other, tongue stud. Giant black angel wings covering back with "We are the Fallen Angels" down the spine in between the two wings

Anything else involving appearance: has a birthmark the shape of a skull underneath her right eye, wears chalk white foundation, tons of black eyeliner, tons of black mascara, dark red lipstick

Personality: A rebel and a badass, hates being told what to do, extremely intelligent, tries to be sophisticated, reads true crime books a lot, is heavily addicted to heroin, takes LSD, heavy chain smoker, a lesbian not afraid to admit it, flirts with girls a lot, she's the Donna of her mafia family but only tells people she trusts, very VERY tough, gives a sort of awe of power, but a good friend, paranoid, has schizophrenia

Backstory: She was born in Sicily but moved to America at the age of 3 with her parents and her brother, after some mafia chief wanted to kill her father (who was in a rival mafia family), bringing his mafia empire over to the states, but he was brutally murdered along with her mother in front of her at the age of 6, her brother then became Don and he and Apollonia became very close, he helped train her and introduced her to smoking at the age of 7, she was forced to kill him herself when she was 9 years old by a traitor which has traumatized her, she then became the Donna and executed the traitor herself straight away, she then tried to be a normal civilian and keep her empire away from her social life, she met Bandit at high school and was one of the first people to join her band

Anything else: She's fluent in Sicilian, japanese, english, french, Latin and Russian but prefers Sicilian since it's her first language

Rosie :)