Review for Auditions


(#) KilljoyMinnieIero 2012-03-24

Name: Zia Baker
Part: If in Natalia's band then vocalist, if in Bandit's band then Bassist please (:
Age: (18+) 23
Gender: Female
Instrument: it says up there^ either vocalist or bassist please (:
Appearance is split for detail
Hair: long hair, just below shoulders. Full fringe. Dyed white blonde, either poker straight or loosely curled. Dip-dyed bright red.
Eyes: large oval shaped. Dark green, almost black at times. Always outlined in smudged black eyeliner, sometimes red.
Skin tone: very pale
Clothes/jewellery/shoes:quirky tee's or band tee's. Colourful skinny jeans, or shorts with ripped tights. Converse, vans or doc martens, but usually just batman converse. Batman belt as well. Always wears some sort of bandana, and wears black sunglasses a lot. If its cold, she wears an old army trench coat that has been decorated with badges and labels etc.
Tattoos/piercings: slim black lip piercing, one ear pierced once, the other pierced twice. Body covered in tattoos: "rock" "roll" across knuckles, "deal with me" side of neck, "you can never hurt me" inside of wrist, dark green+black serpent across back of neck/top of back, "stand tall, don't let them see you down" on small of back, "crazy badass mofo" on ankle.
Anything else involving appearance: nope :)
Personality:quite loud, confident, outrageous, has a wicked and dirty sense of humour, smart, slightly insane at times, can get depressed easily, curious, quite flirty.
Back story: her mum was a lawyer, and her dad was always away on "business trips" so she moved out when she was 16, and moved in with her auntie, but her auntie died when she was 18, leaving her everything (not that its much).
Anything else: she's an insomniac, she smokes even though she hates it, and she swears like a trooper.

That's all, hope you like it (:
Good luck with the story!
Minnie xo