Review for Strike a Violent Pose

Strike a Violent Pose

(#) FabulousRevenge 2012-03-25

Ficwad deserves to burn in hell for this crime against humanity. How dare it delete this work of art?
But anyway, this is great XD
Seriously I think this is going to be just as amazing as Be My Detenator was. You're such a fantastic writer; definitely my favourite, I check all your stories everyday to see if you've updated :3
Chapter 2 was really great too, like I said in my review (before it got deleted :( ) Ray is definitely my favourite character! I nearly died laughing at him XD
Can't wait for the next update!!
~ Abigail Eve xoxo

Author's response

Aww, your review seriously cheered me up a hell of a lot- thank you so much!! :'D I'll update as soon as I can, and once again; THANK YOU :D

CosmicZombie xo