Review for Strike a Violent Pose

Strike a Violent Pose

(#) MCRmy_Chick 2012-03-25

Hang on. Need to catch my breath. Laughing like a clown at a nudist beach. Just give me a sec.

Okay, I think I'm done.

This is unbelievably good! Pervert!Ray is hilarious. I can only imagine the state of your mind while writing him. What makes this so enjoyable for me is that every character reminds me of someone at my school, especially Gerard. There's a guy that I hand out with that wears a black trenchcoat, and for some reason that attracts girls to him like bleach-blonde zombies.

Fantastic story! I'm looking forward to more updates.

- Ben

Author's response

This review seriously cheered me up so much, thank you! I'm glad you liked it and thanks so much for taking the time to review- it really means a lot :'D

CosmicZombie xo