Review for More Auditions

More Auditions

(#) aMoronGoneViral 2012-03-26

Part: Sam.
Name: Kathryn Weatherspoon.
Age: (16-18) 17.
Gender: Female.
Appearance is split for detail
Eyes: Blue.
Skin tone: Olive/Pale.
Body: (Height, weight, etc.) Small build, 80 pounds, 5'4.
What you wear:
Tattoos/piercings: Tattoo of her brother, father, and grandfather in their Military uniforms with "In My Heart" on her back. Left lip ring, Right nose stud.
Personality: Random, bubbly, creative, hyper, quiet, shy, trustworthy.
Anything else: She's a vegetarian, and loves art, drawing, music, singing, and playing the guitar.