Review for Stop the Frank Iero hate, PLEASE READ THIS

Stop the Frank Iero hate, PLEASE READ THIS

(#) foreveryours 2012-04-08

Guys if you look at the comments you can see that people called Frank Iero, Bob bryar, Gerard Way and Ray Toro have put comments saying things as:

GW- "This music is bad and you should feel bad for listening to it." and "GODDAMMIT FRANK! you need to help me make more money so i can keep buying and ass raping little mexican boys!"

FI- "Haters gonna hate" and "WHAT? It drives people into murderous rampages?! I've been listening to it for years and I didn't know I was supposed to! Thanks for telling me! (Spot the sarcasm, you're an ass if you think this is about him killing people)"

RT- "I can't WHIP MY HAIR to this song." then I read this which kind of made me think it was them, I dunno I could so imagine them trolling people like that XD