Review for Auditions, mah lovely readers!

Auditions, mah lovely readers!

(#) aMoronGoneViral 2012-04-10

Part: Frank's sister

Name: Kathryn(Kat)Lynn Weatherspoon(Or Iero for the story :P)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

appearance is split for detail

Hair: Dyed dark red, shoulder length, curls at the ends a little

Eyes: Bright turquoise

Height/weight/etc.: 5'4, 80 pounds.

Tattoos and or piercings: Right nose stud, left lip ring, gauges.


Anything else involving appearance: She's very skinny and pale.

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Painting, Singing, Guitar, Photography.

Personality: Random, bubbly, hyper, creative, very mature, Shy, quiet.

Any other info: She's a vegetarian and a Scorpio.