Review for Auditions, mah lovely readers!

Auditions, mah lovely readers!

(#) TheLittleSinner 2012-04-10

Oh, jeez. I know what you're talking about, story wise. I'm sorry to see that you thought they were shit, but in all honesty? I'm looking forward to reading what'll be coming up! A fresh mind is a juicy mind. waggles eyebrows suggestively

Okay. Creepiness aside.

Part: Lyn-Z's steppie. :)

Age: 15


Hair: currently cut into widows peak bangs, blue and purple with hints of pink...

Eyes: huge ass stormy gray eyes. I also wear the classic "geek" glasses, only mine aren't just for decor.

5'4" 130lbs

Tattoos: I have the symbol for alpha on myleft wrist, and omega n my right. I have a mediaeval dragon sleeve. I really love dragons and ancient folk lore. :)

Piercings: I recently got a smiley (whoop whoop) I have a septum, snake eyes, spider bites, an Industrial and a barbellin my eyebrow. >:) I love Jody modifications.

Clothies: I love my home-made red tartan pants. With lots of zippers and chains. (fuck yeah) I wear various ratty band tees, usually old metal, and any punk rock. If I'm feeling purty that day I'll switch them out with tight pin Stripe button ups. My combat boots, my bowler hat, suspenders, bow tie, and a big floppy old fashioned army jacket. (actual vintage) Sometimes I'll wear a top hat. You know... If I'm feelin particularly dapper.

I do the whole pin up girl style makeup. Just, FYI...

Hobbies: skinny dipping, playing drums and guitar, writing music/morbid raps, aying clue with my sibs/friends/lady friends. ;) ;) ;) Watching horror movies, filming weird ass movies/directing/starring in... I love movies. :3 Collecting cutesie or weird tea cups. (NOT MUGS) and um... Streaking with my friends, sister, and occassionaly lady the forest... In the middle of the night... I love arguing, and getting into fights with random ass holes. I like borrowing... Cough cough stealing... My dads motorcycle... And playing video games.

The adrenaline is CRAAAZY... :D

Personality: Ridiculously sarcastic, bitchy, cynical, morbid, and rude. I'm an acquired taste, to say the least. :D I have a very serious/scary exterior to prevent further bullying... Plus, most people piss me off any ways. I hardly ever smile. Yet a crack a shot ton of jokes... Once you get past my insecurities though, I'm just a morbid, wicked little wild child. I love my friends dearly, and would do ANYTHING for them.

Any other info: I'm a dyke, I'm a Wiccan, I fully believe in reincarnation, and a lot of urban legends, that doesn't mean I'm scared of them though. I lived in Scotland up until a couple years ago, so I still have an embarrassingly thick accent. ,__,