Review for Auditions, mah lovely readers!

Auditions, mah lovely readers!

(#) RockMusic 2012-04-10

I realized I wasn't very specific on a few things... Sooo....
Hair: shoulder length.
Clothes: I WILL NEVER EVER WEAR FLATS!! EVER!! Occasionally I will wear cute converse, BUT NEVER TENNIS SHOES! Boots, heels and wedges. Spikey jewlry is a must.
Hobbies: Photography
Piercings: I have 2 sets in each ear.
Any other info: Whenever someone (an adult that I'll probably see again) asks what I'm listening to I'll lie and say Justin Bieber. I love rollercoasters. My mind goes to the negative side of things automatically, like how I could die in general and only after this happens can I have relief and peace because I feel like its not going to happen because I think it's possible. I hate looking at pictures of myself. I'm an on and off person in general, like almost everything about me. I'm bi. I eat cookies & cream ice cream a lot when I'm on my period. During that time of the month my family should fear, I'm overly emotional and will not be happy till I'm in bed with a bowl of cookies & cream, something to read and tea. I go with the flow, unless I HATE HATE HATE the flow, then I complain. I'm bi. I'm awkward, in the awesome way. Occasionally cocky. Hates dreadlocks and fakes. Bi. I can be a total kid. Example: I went on an Easter egg hunt with a bunch of kids when all the other teens stayed inside. But hey, I got free candy and they got boring adult food and Disney Bingo.

Um.. I think that's everything important personality wise. Now I can rest in peace knowing that even when I probably don't get picked for anything, at least I spilled my guts. You know my life now (for the most part.. I think).