Review for To those whom read Haru and the Kobra Kid!

To those whom read Haru and the Kobra Kid!

(#) lolhai 2012-04-13

Name: (real and taken name) Harrison Humboldt, aka Rogue Mustang

Age: (have to be 13-18 years old for reasons that will become clear) 16

Gender: (preferably one boy at least) boy :D

Backstory: (before you joined the other two killjoys) He was pretty much raised on the streets anyways, because his parents were very poor and they couldn't get a steady job. When BL/ind took over, his parents got a job working for them, but he realised what was going on and ran away to fight with the Killjoys.

Likes: Horses (thus the name), working on old cars, singing, making people happy.

Dislikes: Talking about what happened to his parents, spiders, dogs, rain.

Favorite method of combat: (be as imaginative as you want): Well, usually he blinds them by shooting them in the face with a flare gun, then he usually either slits their neck, strangles them, or just shoots them in the head.

Looks: (any battle scars, what colour hair etc.) About 5'7, average weight, bright hazel eyes, dark brown hair that's shoulder length and messy as hell because he hardly brushes it, gets that yellowish tan some people get.

Anything else: He's bisexual (if that matters), his outfit is a kinda raggedy green t-shirt, blue jeans and purple sneakers. He's actually really shy around people he doesn't know.