Review for Together


(#) tortillachip 2012-04-14

This is great!!! Just like everybody else, I am super excited for this new story. I think it's really good! I like that you get introduced to Mikey's feelings about himself and Gerard and everything that happened to them. I thought it was really interesting to have Mikey nearly passed out in the first chapter. I thought that part was very realistic, vivid, and well written. Also, you can really tell that Gerard cares about Mikey, even if Gerard wasn't the speaker, Mikey talks about how caring Gerard is and how worried he sounded, though he also talked about how he felt Gerard only acted like that because he felt as if he needed to. I look forward to seeing more about their relationship. I thought it was interesting that Mikey didn't want to leave his home. It seemed as if it was the only place where he felt fully accepted. He lived there with Gerard and formed great memories with him. That never happens at home or at school, so he felt as if he belonged there. It was very clear how much that place meant to him and how much he didn't want to let go of it. This all flowed very smoothly. Great job and I can't wait to see more of this fantastic story!!!

Author's response

Thank you! I'm really glad that you're excited about this, I really hope it doesn't disappoint. With this first chapter I pretty much wanted to lay everything down; Mikey's feelings, his personality, his thoughts on Gerard and, perhaps most importantly, what had happened to the Way brothers. I was a little worried that having Mikey pass out didn't really work (what with this just being chapter one) so I'm relieved that you found it realistic and well-written. I'm glad that it comes through that Gerard really does care a lot about Mikey and that Mikey doesn't really believe that it's because he simply loves Mikey, but because he feels like he has to. His home was the only place where Mikey felt at ease, aside from when his dad was there, so I'm pleased that came across. He didn't want to leave it because of that reason and also because it was where he grew up; it's the only thing he's ever known.
Thank you very, very much for taking the time to leave such a detailed review; it really does help me to write! :D