Review for Five Days To Convince Gerard Way.

Five Days To Convince Gerard Way.

(#) CatscanFlyy 2012-04-15

Just started reading and like Omg fluff is the best and I really love your style especially the dialogue, it's really great!
But I would suggest perhaps getting a Beta reader because this story has so much potential but there are a few issues such as capital letters on names and speech marks that need tending to
But honestly I love it so far and it manages to be funny and adorable and hot all at the same time so keep it up!

Author's response

Aww thank you!
Thank you for pointing that out. I have a strange obsession with capital letters at the beginning of words and always have to end up re-writing the words and i useally take it too far making mistakes in words that actually need the capital; if that makes sense o.o
Anyway,I'll go through the text and try to fix them:)
Thank you for commenting; i really appreciate your review and hopefully i'll manage to continue to impress you in future chapters!