Review for To those whom read Haru and the Kobra Kid!

To those whom read Haru and the Kobra Kid!

(#) Lonelyangel 2012-04-16

Name: (real and taken name)

Connor obvs - corrosive kiss

Age: (have to be 13-18 years old for reasons that will become clear)


Gender: (preferably one boy at least)


Backstory: (before you joined the other two killjoys)

Dracs forced his father to shoot his mother one night, and then himself, His father was banging on the front door and screaming wildly like a madman. His mother got him to hide in his closet and opened the front door to reason with her husband. Moments later there was a gunshot and then another. After a few minutes of silence, He opened his closet but quickly closed it when three dracs entered his room. When one came towards the closet he slammed the door open and ran off into the night, He ran through the streets, the woods and through hills, until one day he gave up running, hungry and exhausted he settled down in a forest, where he came across the other two killjoys. He also refers to himself as He/his or him instead of I or mine ETC:.

Likes: Unicorns/lollipops/blood/woodlands (or any other wilderness

Dislikes: Dracs/cats/ sunlight

Favorite method of combat: (be as imaginative as you want)

Looks: (any battle scars, what colour hair etc.)

Anything else: Gets serious cravings for lollipops